About Us

Our Company

Outdoor Insurance Group (OIG) was formed in 2010 as a retail agency to help professionals in the outdoor recreational industry find the insurance protection they need. Now, as a managing general agent, our goal is to be your comprehensive underwriter so you can help your clients manage all the risks they face.

Whether it’s general liability exposures or hard-to-place property, we are prepared to provide the protection you or your clients need at the right price.

If your agency is to remain competitive in a challenging marketplace, you need to anticipate and address the insurance needs of your customers. With our wide array of insurance coverages and our disciplined underwriting, OIG can give your business – and your clients – an advantage.

Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of experienced and professional insurance specialists. What makes our management unique, however, is that they are also outdoor enthusiasts. When you talk to one of us about your needs, there is a good chance that we have personally participated in the activity for which you are trying to get protection. The management team has been underwriting outdoor recreation insurance since 1994 and knows the business and the competition.

Glenn Sudol Vice President
Stacey Maddux Sr. Underwriter
Rachel Bailey Underwriter
Darrien Rittner Underwriting Assistant

The Trusted Source for Outdoor Recreation Insurance

Contact us for your outdoor insurance needs. You will be treated the way you treat your clients or guests β€” with enthusiasm, respect and a desire to see them succeed.