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Outdoor Insurance Group is a broker and works with other retail agents. If you are a retail agent and are having problems placing an account, we welcome the opportunity to work with you. Brokerage agreements and due diligence are needed, as well as proof of appropriate licensing. If you are an insured, have your agent contact us or contact us directly and we will refer you to an experienced agent.

Exclusively for Outdoor Recreation Business

Glenn Sudol Vice President
Stacey Maddux Sr. Underwriter
Rachel Bailey Underwriter
Darrien Rittner Underwriting Assistant

Outdoor Insurance Group

At Outdoor Insurance Group (OIG), we understand that outdoor recreation businesses face particular liability and property risks. Since 2010, we have worked with a wide variety of agencies to provide business owners with the outdoor recreation business insurance that best suits their specific needs.

Our program specializes in exposures typical to businesses immersed in Mother Nature. If you or your client’s business operates in the great outdoors, OIG can provide options, advice, solutions and service. We offer A+ rated paper on an admitted basis.