Guide & Outfitters

Tour guides and outfitters are exposed to a wide range of risks. We can protect them with the right coverage.

As a tour guide or an outfitter, addressing the wide range of liabilities faced in a way that keeps landowners, forest service and parks happy can be daunting. Not for OIG. Outdoor insurance is our only business. We’ve been providing tour guides and outfitters with high quality, affordable policies for years.

As one of the nation’s leading outdoor insurance specialists, OIG knows exactly what tour guides and outfitters need and will do our best to find affordable coverage for your business or client. We understand outdoor risks and can tailor a policy that will work for tour guides and outfitters at a reasonable price.

Quality tour guide insurance or outfitters insurance will keep your client in good standing with the Forest Service, National Park, BLM and private landowners. No matter their expertise, we have a plan for them. Our tour guide insurance and outfitters insurance program highlights include:

  • Watercraft liability
  • Horseback riding
  • Blanket additional insured is available
  • Guides as additional insureds
  • Retail operations
  • $3 million general aggregate
  • $5,000 medical payments
  • Liquor liability

Tour Guide Insurance

Tour guides make it their business to guide clients through unpredictable terrain and conditions, and they know better than most how suddenly conditions can change. Our insurance team makes it their business to help people navigate the uncertain. Outdoor recreation insurance is all we do, so we understand the risk, the process, and how to satisfy landowners and states that require insurance.

Outfitters Insurance

Just like guests hire outfitters to avoid dangers, outfitters need the right team to help them avoid the dangers of the insurance market. We use an A-rated company to get your business or client the best price and coverage. Sometimes those two things don’t go together, which is why you need a qualified and experienced managing general agency to guide you through the process.

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Program Highlights

Outdoor Property

Premiere Property Protector Extension

Household Personal Property

Personal Liability

Guides as Additional Insureds

Blanket Additional Insured

Club Members as Additional Insured

Guests Property

Hired & Non Owned Auto Liquor Liability

Business Income $100K Included

Equipment Breakdown

Equine Liability

Trailer Spotting

Watercraft Liability

Cyber Liability

Dogs in Your Care, Custody and Control

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Contact us for your outdoor insurance needs. You will be treated the way you treat your clients or guests — with enthusiasm, respect and a desire to see them succeed.